Entering data into the application

Information can be uploaded by the brand owner (manufacturer, importer or distributor) as follows:

  • product by product using the web interface (www.cumarainformat.ro). Authentication by GS1 member password.
  • for multiple products, filling the Excel file and uploading it directly or sending it by email:cumparainformat@gs1.ro

Using the web interface

For online inserting, it is used New product option in the user web application interface. Fill in the GTIN identification number (printed on the product label below the bar code), and the product name, as it appears on the package, then click theAdd button.

Descriptive information are grouped into 8 categories, each category opens a new screen containing the corresponding data fields.

Using the Excel file

For entering ofline, multi-product information is used a loading data file that can be downloaded from the interface, and then filled with data as required by the descriptive page, loaded in interface and then sent to the database.

The submitted file is validated by the application before being saved in the database. If there are errors occuring while filling one of the products, these are signaled by specific messages.

Download excell file

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